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Our Team - RA Safaris - Tanzania

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ZephaniahZephaniah S. Kambele (Zepha)

Zepha has been working in the tourism industry for over 10 years. Zepha met Egidius years ago working with a safari company in Arusha. They became fast friends as they worked together and decided to plan for their own safari company which is now RA Safaris Company. Zepha has extensive knowledge about the national parks from practical experience after having visited them for several years. He also attended training on Tour Operation Management at Mount Meru Tour Guide and Management College, which ensures a flawlessly planned trip. Enquiries to RA Safaris are mostly dealt to by Zepha and Eli. His favourite park is the Ngorongoro Crater. Zepha holds a BA (Resources and Environment) and MA (Development Studies) from the University of Dar es Salaam in addition to his training in tour operation management. He also works with the Open University of Tanzania as a Lecturer. Zepha is a native of Tanzania and speaks English as well as Swahili. See his  reviews

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Egidius F. Kabitulila (Gideon)

Egidius has been working in the tourism industry for over 10 years and has compiled extensive skills and experience in the field. This operational dedication and expertise ensures a quality fulfilling trip in Tanzania. In addition to his management responsibilities, Egidius often leads clients on safari as a driver/tour guide/leader, keeping him up to date on the latest animal migration paths and locations of the herds. He has practical experience as a mechanic and manages the fleet of RA Safaris vehicles with local garages. Egidius always has a smile on his face and tourists are bound to benefit from his positive attitude. Get prepared to smile throughout your experience. His favourite park is the Serengeti National Park. Egidius is renowned for spotting animals and birds with his naked eye. His clients are always amazed. Egidius has lead so many safaris and he lost track of how many times he has been in the bush tracking wildlife. Egidius is a native Tanzanian and speaks fluent English, French, and some Italian in addition to Swahili. See his  reviews

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Elirehema Pallangyo (Eli)
Elirehema has diverse experience both on wildlife and mountain climbing. He served as a camping safari chef for years, later as as a camping manager in Serengeti before he decided to join RA Safaris for on-job training to practice his field knowledge and experience. Eli works as a Travel Consultant and is a very resourceful. He will always be up to reply to your emails and send itineraries and any other required information. His experience in the field makes him very reliable in arranging proper itineraries as he has been to almost all National Parks in Tanzania so he know where you want to enjoy your holiday. He has also visited Mozambique.

Eli was born in Poli village, on the slopes of Mount Meru, in Arusha Region. He attended Primary education in Poli Village staying with his parents and rearing cattle while schooling. Later he enrolled for secondary education and completed his form four at Singe Secondary in Babati, Manyara Region. Eli is a native Tanzanian. He is fluent in English as well as Swahili. See his reviews

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Driver-cum Guides

Orie Peter
Orie has been working as Driver-cum Guide for over 8 years. He is knowledgeable on Flora & Fauna. He happened to be trained well by South African Investors for about three years which keeps him very confident and professional, ask him any question on flora and fauna you will have the answer. Orie has been out in the bush many times with Twitches, so that he can   identify different varieties of birds from far with his naked eye or by their sounds.

Orie says he enjoys working with RA Safaris Co. Ltd because he feels he is in a team. His unforgettable scene was when he watched hyenas killing wildebeest. He has extensive experience both in the Northern and Southern Circuits. He has also been on safari in Kenya Parks and traveled to Zanzibar Islands. He is always with his fauna and flora books for updates.

Orie completed his primary and secondary education before making himself a professional Driver-cum Guide. He is a native Tanzanian and he speaks English and Swahili fluently. See his  reviews

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FadhilFadhil Ismail
Fadhil has been working as Driver-cum Guide for more than 13 years. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. Fadhili originates from Southern Tanzania. Fadhili has guided tourists in all corners of Tanzanian so driving with him is admirable. His wish is to explore other parts of the world especially South Africa National Parks. In his spare time he likes watching football and reading wildlife books. See his  reviews

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Moses Gabriel (Askofu)

Askofu is swahili meaning Bishop. Askofu has been working as a Guide for more than ten years. He studied Tour guide at Mount Meru Tour guide College in Arusha. Askofu is a very well experienced and knowledgeable on wildlife throughout Tanzania. He always have a smile and you will surely be happy to have him as your guide. Askofu’s favorite park is Serengeti and he says he love its endless plains and resident wildlife diversity. He is fluent in English as well as Swahili. See his reviews

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Jeremiah NgokaJeremiah Ngoka (Jerry)

Jerry is a native of a small town nearby Lake Manyara National Park, the town which is named Mto wa Mbu. After completing his Advanced Secondary Education in 1997 in Dar es Salaam (Business Capital of Tanzania), jerry went back and decided to start his career by showing tourists what his home village could offer in terms of culture. He worked for a Cultural Tourism Program at Mto wa Mbu for a few years after which he was inspired to develop his career and to act on that, he enrolled at Interworld College of Cultural Exchange and Tourism in Nairobi Kenya. After completing his studies in 2003, he since then has been working as a Driver-Guide. His knowledge and experience makes him competent in all aspects including Flora and Fauna. Jerry is fluent in English and Swahili, with some basics of Japanese and Italian.  

During spare times and when not in the bush, jerry enjoys listening to music, reading Flora and Fauna books, magazines, novels, watching TV (especially for news and football).

Jeremiah bio coming soon - See his  reviews

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Camping Chef

Patrick PallangyoPatrick Pallangyo
Patrick makes part of RA Safaris Camping Team. He has been working as Chef for over ten years now. He is a professional chef from YMCA Hotel Management College in Kilimanjaro. He worked with several safari companies before realizing he should work with RA Safaris Co. Ltd. for each trip he likes cooking Pan Cakes and Tilapia Fish for his clients. Patrick’s best Camping site is Selous River Camp. He says “Camping on the edge of Rufiji River full of crocodiles and hippos is so fascinating” The sounds by the hippos in the night are amazing. He likes camping as nature stays respected and enjoyable. His future plan is to grow to be a Driver-cum Guide. See his reviews

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Amani Kambele
Amani is Zepha’s young brother and he has been working with RA Safaris since it's establishment. After completing his Secondary School education he did a one year cookery course at Hans Hotel Management College and decided to specialize on Camping Safaris of which he now proud of his extensive experience and creativity in designing his own menu for travelers. He will among others prepare you African food. You will always eat something unexpected which can not even be prepared in five star hotels.

Amani is a native Tanzanian, born on the slopes of Mount Meru. He speaks fluent English as well as Swahili. Amani’s best camping area is Serengeti because of its unspoiled nature. His nearest future plan is to become a driver-cum guide and he has started training for. See his  reviews

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Mountain Guides

Michael Mtui
Michael (at the center in the photo) has been working as Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains Guide for years and he can not recall as to how many times he has been at the top…..”Oh! I can’t Count”  

As many others, Michael started as a Porter and then Assistant Guide. In 1997, he was among those nominated by Kilimanjaro National Park Authority (KINAPA) for a one month Mountain guide training and so was certified as Full Licensed Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide. In 2006 he attended a two weeks course on Rescue and First Aid safety guiding, the training which was sponsored by KINAPA. Michael was born in Lyasomboro Village in Marangu. He did his Primary Education at Lyasomboro Primary School from 1986 to 1993 and Secondary School Education at Lombeta from 1994 to 1997. He is fluent in English, Swahili and Kimarangu which is his local language.   

Michael’s favorite route for Kilimanjaro is Machame Route because of friendly weather and acclimatization (up and down) and he says. Michael is very good at diagnosing altitude sickness and he will always be telling you “POLE POLE” meaning ‘slowly slowly’.

Michael aspires to trek other world summits like Everest in Nepal. See his  reviews 

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Augusti NgowiAugusti Ngowi
As many others, Augusti started as Porter, Chef and then Assistant Guide before getting licensed as  trekking Guide. Augusti attended Guiding Training organized by Kilimanjaro National Park Authority (KINAPA) for one month. Later he was also nominated to join First Aid Course at YMCA in 1995. He is a professional and experienced guide who will surely make your trek happier and successful.

Augusti was born at Komalyangoe village in Marangu. He did his primary Education at Komalyangoe Primary School between 1982 and 1988 and after completion he joined Uomboni Secondary School between 1989 and 1992. He is fluent in English, Swahili and Kimarangu which is his mother tongue. August has been a guide for over 10 years and as Michael, his favorite route is Machame. He says, “The route I most prefer is Machame because almost 100% of the climbers make it to the summit due to good whether hence no much of mountain sickness as other routes”.

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